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The Ibis Way Prep Way

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

“Success is no accident, it is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most all, love of what you are doing and learning to do.” – Pele

At Ibis Prep we treat test day like game day and you are the star player. Our tutors are your personal trainers who are dedicated to your results. We teach you what to study, when to study, how to study, and most importantly we hold you accountable for daily activity. Improving a test score is like getting in shape at the gym. You will not succeed if you go to the gym one day for 12 straight hours and max out every single machine. Instead, a good exercise program requires regimentation, dedication, and proper tools and techniques.

However, preparation is only half the battle. Practice scores unfortunately do not count; and it is imperative that we execute on game day. Many test takers suffer from anxiety, or “game-day jitters.” Some students are not properly rested, fed, or hydrated and this affects their performance. At Ibis Prep we teach beyond the test, recognizing that mindfulness strategies are just as important as absorbing the necessary material.

The Ibis Prep Way is exemplified in the following two speeches:

In Al Pacino’s speech from Any Given Sunday, he stresses that the inches we need are all around us. When you add up all the inches that’s what makes the difference between winning and losing, between living and dying. We stress to our students that there are no days off. Every day is an opportunity to improve. In order to improve a score by 100 points, a student needs to get 100 points better, day by day, inch by inch. Regimentation and dedication are required.

In Herb Brooks’ speech from Miracle, the coach acknowledges that the Russians have a stronger team. “If we played them 10 times they would beat us 9. But not tonight!” he exclaims. “You were born to play hockey.” This is the attitude our students must acquire. When test day arrives it is time to shine; it is time to seize the moment and execute at peak performance. Our students are trained not only to be confident, but to be excited about the opportunity to perform.

Unlike other major test prep programs, we did not use cookie cutters. Every student receives a free consultation to determine if there is a good fit, and once matched with a specialized tutor, the student undergoes a full diagnostic exam to determine strengths and weaknesses. Each student receives their own personalized study calendar including scheduled 1 on 1 sessions. No two students receive the same materials, as we select material based on needs. Further, no two students hear the same lecture or lesson plan. We recognize that every student learns differently, and we allow the student to dictate the style in which they are tutored. We cater to all your needs, including offering in house tutoring visits as well as online sessions via Skype or Facetime.

Schedule your free consultation today to learn more about the Ibis Prep Way!

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