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1. What do I do if I need help with a subject not listed on the website?

At Ibis Prep, our motto is “for any subject under the sun.” Contact us! (via chat option or the contact us page) We will consult with our diverse team to find the best tutor for your needs :) 


2. How do I purchase a session?

Add the package to your cart and checkout just as you would on any shopping website. There is also a space to add your specific subject, days & times. A member from the team will then reach out to you to set up your session via zoom or in person! We also provide the option of reaching out to the team directly in which case we will send you an invoice to your email - which must be paid before your session!

3. What is the cancellation policy? 


We understand things happen! Please be considerate to your tutor’s time and make cancellations at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled session or the missed time will be charged.


4. What is the refund policy?


Please note that all hours purchased with Ibis Prep tutors are strictly nonrefundable.

5. What is the difference between a live and a virtual session?


Live sessions are in person sessions - our tutors either can come to your home or we can meet at a decided location. Virtual sessions take place over Zoom with the webcam on. 


6. What free resources are available?


We have a host of free resources available depending on the subject matter at hand. Resources can include videos, outlines and study guides. Contact us to find out what resources we offer for your subject!

7. Does Ibis Prep offer group sessions?


Yes we do offer group sessions - and with these you can benefit from discounted rates per person. Contact us for more information!


8. Does Ibis Prep help with college applications and essays?

Absolutely - this can be purchased here.

9. How long in advance do I need to request a tutor?

We are happy to accommodate any and all tutor requests as we strive to meet your needs. We ask that you give us time to select the right person for you. A "last minute" fee will be charged to clients making requests for a tutor within 24 hours.

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