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Saving college students one tutor at a time

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

author: Lauren Lassiter (Ibis Prep Intern)

College can be described as the best of times and the worst of times. In the midst of all the exciting new experiences and newfound freedom, is the crushing weight of stress from classes and the future. Ibis Prep does a terrific job of relieving much of the stress on college students. First, we understand the stress students are experiencing as many of us are current University of Miami students or alumni. On top of truly having a deep understanding of the material, Ibis Prep tutors also personally know each department's professors and teaching styles. Each tutor is an expert in their respective field and can adjust to the learning styles of their students. Many students feel trapped by the weight of their course load, but with an expert tutor who works diligently to support each and every student needing help, much of this stress is lifted from their shoulders. As a college student myself, I have personally recommended so many of my friends to check out Ibis Prep. One thing that really sets us apart is the individual consideration and care put in by our entire staff. With other tutoring companies, the staff is disconnected, but Ibis Prep makes the extra effort to support and communicate with staff. Each student is carefully matched with a tutor our staff feels will fit them best. With other companies, tutors can be randomly assigned and unreliable, but Ibis Prep prides itself on having the best and most knowledgeable tutors. As a tutor myself, I take so much pride in my students' success and genuinely care about their progress. It's truly amazing seeing how much my students have grown in a few short months. College students deserve a support system to help them navigate the increased difficulty of college courses. I am proud to say there is no better company than Ibis Prep to help students gain confidence and get the grades they deserve.

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