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Chemistry: A Love-Hate Relationship

The first time I learned about chemistry, I hated it a lot! I would do problems as fast as possible

so that I could play video games with my friends. However, as the year progressed, I realized

that chemistry extends beyond just homework, quizzes, and tests. I became extremely

passionate about the subject as the field was so vast with a lot to learn.

I remember in one lab experiment, a couple drops of a strong acid that spilled from a burette on

my shoe created a hole, and I had to wash the shoes. I also messed up a titration as I saw a

darker color than what color the target solution should have been. Eventually, after doing

multiple titrations, I started enjoying them and even took a quantitative analytical chemistry lab

course. I also conducted experiments on my own such as mixing Mentos and Coke, making

crystals, creating batteries using different fruits like oranges and lemons, and adding boric acid

to flammable liquid.

My biggest advice to those of you taking chemistry is to be curious, do not be hesitant to ask

questions, and focus on practical learning. Learn from your failures in class, the lab, and in real-

life, and use them to improve your knowledge and skills.

Do experiments such as my personal favorite: mixing baking soda and vinegar (in a safe

manner, of course)! Check out scientific websites and journals such as PubMed, Nature,

Chemical Reviews, and Science Daily to find out about new advancements in the field such as

the Bose-Einstein condensate, turning toxic sewer gas into clean hydrogen fuel, and nanoscale


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