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10 Tips to Pass the Feb 2024 Bar Exam

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

The last exam I sat for was the July 2023 UBE, and I scored 300 overall - a good score not only in bowling.

My goal is for all of my students to surpass my score, and leave no doubt, and these are my tips how:

  1. Start early!!!! I started tutoring many students for the February 2024 exam October 1 and I always tell them that we are working hard now so we aren't stressed out in February.

  2. 4000 MBE questions - (50 a day , 250 a week) and measure your progress. The goal is to be above 80% in all subjects in February.

  3. 20 timed essays. If you write 20 essays in practice under timed circumstances, you're 21st, 22nd, and 23rd will be muscle memory.

  4. Approach bar prep as a full time job - whether it's a 9-5 or a second shift. Consistency and regimentation are the keys to success.

  5. Join an interactive class (like our November essentials course or our complete courses starting in December). Having classmates to lean on for motivation and inspiration is invaluable. Our courses have buddy systems to match students up with accountability partners.

  6. Cut out distractions. Christmas and New Years and Valentines and your cousin's birthday come every year. Take pride in the sacrifices you make because it shows how important this is to you.

  7. Find your reason why. Dig deep and understand what this is all about. Did you fail before and it hurt? Did you promise someone important that you would see this through? Do you have doubters to silence? Nothing worthwhile comes easy and nothing that comes easy is worthwhile.

  8. Set daily and weekly goals. Focus on memorization (I will memorize the entire contracts questionnaire cold by Friday). Try your best to accomplish your goals and be willing to adjust them as things invariably change. However, don't be too easy on yourself and set realistic but difficult challenges.

  9. Spend time away from your material proving your skills. I think sometimes studying outlines over and over is like pouring into a full cup. A great exercise is to take a blank sheet of paper and pick a subject and try to write from memory everything you know about the subject.

  10. "Over prepare - over perform." That's been the Ibis Prep motto from day one. Too many people pass or fail the test by a few points. Instead of taking the traditional approach of looking at the exam as a minimum competency test, strive to master as many details as possible.

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