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The Weekend Before Florida Bar Results Come Out

7 thoughts for anxious test takers awaiting their results on Monday.

  1. It’s just a test that you can retake in 6 months. In the grand scheme of things it’s not that much different than when you took your drivers license test. Be happy if you passed but humble; be upset if you failed but shake it off and hold your head high.

  2. What’s meant to be will be. The hardest part about life is that not every detail can be controlled. However, looking back, things always happen as they should.

  3. In the game of life (like chess) you must always make a move. If you passed, consider immediately studying for another jurisdiction. If you did not pass either or both sections, recognize that February is around the corner and the earlier you start studying the better.

  4. More people failed the test than passed the test even if it feels like all your friends passed. Be mindful of others who did not pass, whether or not you passed or failed.

  5. If you did pass - thank your tutor! Leave a Google and Yelp review. Thank your customer service representative. We work really hard to go above and beyond to help students pass and we really appreciate positive feedback and reviews so we can continue to grow.

  6. Be proud of yourself no matter what. Read that one over and over and over this weekend.

  7. Savor the moment when you open your results. Hopefully it is a glorious memory. For a lot of people who took the exam it will be a moment that fuels a fire. No matter what, commit to moving forward with confidence that you will accomplish your goals and nothing can stop you.

I could not be more excited for the many Ibis Prep students who I know will be crying with joy on Monday. I am also here to help any student prepare for February. Have an amazing weekend, and remember, the Ibis Prep Bar Team is starting earlier than ever for the February Bar, including the Florida Bar Exam, the California Bar Exam, the MBE, and the UBE. Peace be the journey!


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