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Finals Season: Article 1- Intro

This week I'll be writing a couple segments about finals season. This first article is really just to help settle everyone's nerves about finals season. Everyone is stressed and struggling through these last few weeks so you are not alone. Whether taking calculus, chemistry, or literature, finals season sends shivers down the spine. I find myself stressed, anxious, and drowning in all of my assignments on top of studying. My best advice on how to prepare is to take things one day at a time. When I look at everything I need to do for the next 3 weeks, I mentally shut down because I get so stressed. Many of us find ourselves behind on certain assignments and stressing about exam grades we don't know yet. Take a deep breath and write down everything you need to do for the next week in a planner. The tasks should be specific with a set time or goal for each assignment or study time. This will help organize your thoughts and allow you to visualize how each week will look. On top of exams and assignments, you need to include times to rest, eat, and exercise. How can you expect your mind to be at its best when you are not properly fueling your body? Tune in to the blog for the next week as I lay out the best study plans and methods along with what to expect from your college final exams. No matter how tough you think your exams will be, there is a way to calm your mind and do the best you can.

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