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Summer Mentorship Program 2022

How It Works.

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Course Duration - 7 weeks
Start Date - 13th June '22
End Date - 29th July '22


1 course -

Complete Access -

Our Mentors and Program.

Our Mentors are a hand-selected group of young professionals, recent graduates, and otherwise outstanding citizens who are passionate about their area of specialty.

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Solidity with Chris

Chris McCail will be instructing Introduction to Solidity which is a programming language for writing smart contracts on a block chain. We are excited to be the first company to offer instruction in this subject! The demand for Solidity is reaching new level peaks with it being the most popular language for creating smart contracts!


Cooking and Crafts with Carolina

This summer Carolina will be joining kids and young adults on a fun experience where they will learn life skills and have handmade crafts they can keep. In teaching students arts and crafts they will learn to hone in the skills they already have while learning new ways to express themselves with tie-dye, jewelry making, painting and much more! In working with students to teach them to cook we are setting the foundation for them to be independent young adults. Students will learn the basics of navigating around the kitchen, proper tools and hygiene, and following measurements to great tasty meals for themselves and their loved ones. Cooking and crafts combines hard work, talent and academics for a fun summer experience.


Java with Kalpit

Kalpit will be teaching the intro to programming course using Java. We believe that programming is a fundamental skill that everyone should obtain. Kalpit is excited to instill the foundations among my students this summer and guide them through the process of completing a project in Java. 

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SAT/ACT with Rag and Jessie 

Join Rag and Jessie as they make studying for the SAT/ACT fun! The IbisPrep SAT/ACT Summer Bootcamp will delve into the major topics of the SAT and ACT. A good test score can translate to readiness for and success in college. Additionally, these scores can help students gain admission into top colleges and be awarded merit-based scholarships. We believe that early preparation is the key to success!

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Chess with Andrew and Inam

Join founder Andrew as he teaches you the tricks to master the game of Chess. Participate in games for really cool prizes. Learning and mastering the game of chess has a host of benefits such as teaching problem-solving skills, critical thinking and improving overall decision making.

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