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No summer camp? No Problem. 

Summer Mentorship Program 

With the growing concerns surrounding public gatherings due to the COVID-19 pandemic, IbisPrep is excited to offer an online Summer Mentorship Program. Our main goal is to provide children and young adults (ages 6-18) with the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with mentors in their community through an abundance of virtual interactive activities. 

How It Works.

Our leadership team will work with parents every Sunday to plan 3 sessions each week with the mentor of their choosing.


The program will run from July 6th to August 14th. 

Each student will receive 3 sessions per week as well as 2 hours with Andrew Dennis (JDMBA). Mentors will be able to be reached throughout the week via email and text.

Supplies will be provided for craft projects.

The price of this program is $2000. 



Our Mentors.

Our Mentors are a hand-selected group of young professionals, recent graduates, and otherwise outstanding citizens who are passionate about making an impact on the lives of others, especially young people.

Shawn Brozowski

Shawn  is the owner of the Worker-Bee Handyman services. Shawn will provide 1 on 1 carpentry and crafts instruction resulting in completed assembly of anything you can imagine, from bicycles to doll houses. Shawn and his wife are outstanding members of the community and he is excited to teach young people new ways to work with their hands!    

Carolina Quintana

Carolina is a Middle School Administrator certified in ESE K-12 reading, ESOL, and gifted. She has a masters in ED leadership. This summer she is in charge of all aspects of K-12 education, and also is doings crafts such as jewelry making and engraving, beauty, cooking, "adulting," photoshop, and much more. She is a special talent and a great influence on children and young adults.

Simran Babani

Simran is excited to teach website development as well as how to create graphics for social media and offer college advice/mentorship. She is a current college student and has experience creating and maintaining digital platforms for businesses. She has many fascinating skills to teach children and young people who are technologically savvy or hoping to become so.

Travis Tarpeh

Travis Tarpeh is a leading instructor for the LSAT and has a JD/LLM/MBA degree. He is excited to develop relationships with students who are interested in learning more about the paths of higher education including the application process and becoming a professional in your desired career. 

John Oricchio

John Orichio is the owner of DRB films and former editor and videographer for BLM films. John is super ecstatic to be working with students interested in learning how to film, edit and create movies and highlight reels. 

Courtney Leon

Courtney is a recent graduate of the University of Miami and current tutor for the GMAT, GRE, LSAT, Spanish, math, reading, and sciences. She is also a pilates instructor and is an incredible mentor for ambitious young adults who are interested in improving their test taking skills or their physical fitness this summer! 

Travis Tarpeh

Jared Motley

Jared Motley is the owner of fruition fitness and he is a renowned personal trainer for a number of professional athletes. John is  perfectly equipped with the experience and knowledge to design personalized workouts for young people all summer long. Not only that but he is the ideal candidate for any advice pertaining to a healthy lifestyle. 

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