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Recipe for Success





Restaurant Table


(serves 1 - you)



2 tbsp Motivation

3 tbsp Consistency

1 tsp Diligence

 Ibis Prep (to taste)



1. Find your motivation. What is driving you to chase success in this particular subject area? Reflect on your burning desire to accomplish your goals.

2. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses and start thinking about how many hours you might need for tutoring. Our tutors are one message away from guidance and advice at any time! Once you're ready, enroll in any of our packages - and don't worry, you can add hours as you go on.

3. Understand that consistency is key. Consistency develops routine and builds momentum - it is important to build the habit of revision and practice of material, and even more where exams are concerned. At Ibis Prep, we understand this; allow our experienced tutors to build a calendar which targets your weaknesses and is built around your busy life!

4. Add in the diligence - this one's on you! It is important to always remember that being persistent requires patience. You need to maintain these two qualities at all times to reap your success. Our tutors are one call/message away from getting you back on track!


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