Ibis Prep is the premier 1-1 tutoring service in Miami and worldwide, specializing in higher level entrance and qualification exams.

Our coaches provide each student with an individually tailored study plan and all the best tools and materials available. They will guide you from the first practice all the way to the podium, inch by inch, day by day.​​
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Ibis Prep has become the premier tutoring service in South Florida. All of our tutors pass rigorous qualification exams and are hand matched with students to provide the best results for the most affordable rates in the area.

We outperform the competition by delivering results at an affordable price. We work to understand your specific situation and treat each student with white gloves and an open mind, focused on attaining the ultimate goal of optimal performance on test day.




We currently offer live tutoring in Miami and Fort Lauderdale and remote tutoring via computer or mobile device.​




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Andrew B. Dennis holds a JD/MBA from the University of Miami and has successfully passed the Florida Bar, the Series 66, and the Series 7. His experiences preparing for these exams as well as the SAT, LSAT, and GMAT made him realize that there are so many people who are struggling to reach their full potential due to the lack of quality private tutoring for standardized entrance exams and professional licensing requirements. He set out to solve this problem, beginning in his hometown, officially founding Ibis Prep in 2012.



Legend of the Ibis: The Ibis is one of the most well-prepared species in the animal kingdom. When a hurricane is looming, the Ibis is the last creature to seek shelter before the storm and the first to return after the storm passes. As a result, the Ibis feasts before and after the storm. While most animals see the hurricane as an impending disaster, the Ibis treats the hurricane as an opportunity to prosper and prevail. It is how we teach students to treat their upcoming exams. Most students dread the exam, but we live for test day! We train students how to execute on game day, and when you are fully prepared to perform at your best, anything is possible. As the Ibis knows, it’s time to feast!



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